Spirit Link is a Visual Novel made for Battle Action Fantasy VN Jam 2023, a game jam where we create shounen-manga-inspired VNs.

Play as Charlet Kasamsun, a native Enonian descended from the people from Moacu Laedan: the island shrouded in mist. Follow her as she and her spirit companion embark on a quest to protect the culture of the island and unwittingly finds themselves embroiled in a conflict that will decide the fate of her people.

Brave life threatening battles, explore mysterious ruins, and unravel the secrets of the Moacu Laedan and Charlet's powers with your companion at your side!

Development status

The current build is a prologue to the story. Development may continue in the future, as part of game jams or outside jams, depending on our resources.

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How to play

Download from one of the channels:

  • post-jam (recommended): latest version. Also used for embedded web version at the top of this page.
  • jam-release: version released for Battle Action Fantasy VN Jam 2023. It is kept for archival purpose.

The game has been made with Ren'Py and uses standard controls for the engine.

You can find them at any time in the Help section of the Main menu or the Pause Menu (pressing Escape).

The Characters

Charlet Kasamsun

A linguistics expert born and raised in the nation of Enon ,Charlet dreams of preserving the culture of her people while uncovering the secrets of her ancient, tribal heritage. Accompanied by her loyal, spirit beast, Makara, Charlet hopes her efforts will foster understanding and peace between the people of Moacu Laedan and Enon.

Pichit Sirawa

The humble son of the Sirawa tribe, Pichit was born and raised on Moacu Laedan as the second eldest of five children. Leaving the island, he went on to study in Enon, hoping to gain the power to help his family. Serving as a tour organizer a thanks to growing interest in the island, he was recruited by Charlet to guide the expedition.

Raegan Vanich

The youngest son Lord Amir, owner of Vanich Trading Company, Raegan aims to prove himself superior to his brothers and be named the next heir. Smelling an opportunity, Raegan offers to sponsor Charlet's expedition in hopes of windfall profits.



v1.0 - Post-jam patch 1

  • Act 1: improve script, character expressions, animations and SFX overall
  • Art: Replace proto BG for university outside area with original BG
  • Cinematic: Add To Be Continued... sequence with new BGM
  • UI: fade text box in/out when shown/hidden

v0.5 - Jam release

  • Act 1: 2 playable scenes for around 12mn of play, about 5,600 words
  • 1 original BG, 4 character sprites + expressions, 2 BGM, around 10 SFX


komehara - Writing, Script programming

Sraye - Writing, Promotional text and art, Background art prototype

Relarin - Writing

Marionette - UI design, UI programming, Promotional art

jazzy_chanss - Art direction, Background art

Zwaany: Art direction, Character art

AnAwfulLotOfCups - BGM

JoJo Worthington - Sound design - http://jojoworthington.com/

Free assets


  • Alice Font by Ksenya Erulevich, Cyreal under SIL Open Font License
  • Pad Thai Font by Harold's Fonts embedded in logo, Free for Personal and Commercial Use


spirit-link-pc-post-jam.zip 66 MB
Version 1.0 Jul 10, 2023
spirit-link-mac-post-jam.zip 61 MB
Version 1.0 Jul 10, 2023
spirit-link-pc-jam-release.zip 66 MB
Version 0.5 Jun 30, 2023
spirit-link-mac-jam-release.zip 61 MB
Version 0.5 Jun 30, 2023
spirit-link-web-jam-release.zip 49 MB
Version 0.5 Jun 30, 2023


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Really cool prologue! The world building is really interesting.

The soundtrack is really well done! The animations are great too.

Awesome job!


Very cool! The character art is really nice. Conveying fighting in these types of games is difficult, but I like how you conveyed it with the sprites shaking and sliding. Looking forward to seeing more / the end of their encounter.

Thanks! We didn’t have time to make CG so we switched to using a lot of animations. There are still some parts I think look a little cheap, that I’ll try to improve. Ultimately it’d be great to have CG, or CG-like character poses for a better variety (and epicness), but we’ll see how much we can handle postjam!

Great effort! Nice artwork presentation. I like the animation for the fight scene.