A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Sidetracked! is a visual novel about getting one thing done in the course of a day. Katell just wants to have her lunch in peace, but she keeps meeting distracting issues. It's your role to keep her on track... or at least handle the problems in the least complicated way.

This game was submitted for NaNoRenO 2020+.


  • Use your smartphone to solve problems... or create new ones
  • Check your TODO list at any time and despair as you watch it grow
  • Accessibility features from Ren'Py Accessibility Add-On + a few extra

Build notes

The game jam release v3.5.2 is available below in the pc and mac channels. Further patches (v3.5.3+) have been added after the jam, in the pc-postjam and mac-postjam channels.

Scripts and assets have been archived into .rpa and commented script sources (.rpy) have been stripped to make the builds more compact. However, if you are interested in how some things work in the game, you can check out the source on the GitHub repository.

See changelog on the Jam Release page

Core team

  • Writing, Programming: komehara
  • UI Programming: Marionette
  • Original Background Art: JW Jones
  • Character Sprites: Maxenau
  • Item Sprites: komehara
  • BGM: Fabian Fabro (FirahFabe)
  • Ambient BGM: komehara
  • SFX: Fabian Fabro (FirahFabe), komehara

Free assets

  • Background: Uncle Mugen, Pymouss, うにょ@, Andre.o.mob, Wpcpey
  • UI: Lynda Mc Donald, Capri23auto, Bengt Nyman, NEOSiAM 2020, Shane Aldendorff, Weetjesman, Dick Daniels
  • Font: Sven Pels, M+ FONTS PROJECT
  • BGM: MusMus
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 2.7 out of 5 stars
(3 total ratings)
Authorskomehara, Marionette, FirahFabe
GenreVisual Novel
Made withKrita, Audacity, Aseprite, Ren'Py
TagsComedy, nanoreno2020, Singleplayer
Code licenseMIT License
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
LinksSource code


sidetracked-pc-postjam.zip 43 MB
Version 3.5.3 May 14, 2020
sidetracked-mac-postjam.zip 27 MB
Version 3.5.3 May 14, 2020
sidetracked-pc.zip 43 MB
Version 3.5.2 Apr 14, 2020
sidetracked-mac.zip 27 MB
Version 3.5.2 Apr 14, 2020

Development log


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This was a really fun adventure! I liked the ending especially - it reminded me that, even if I get sidetracked, I'm still getting things done. Thanks for making this game. (:

Thank you!

There was no “assessment of the day” in the first version, I’m glad I added it!