NaNoRenO 2020+ / v3.5.2 release!

The official version of the game submitted for NaNoRenO 2020+, v3.5.2, has been released!

It’s a complete story that lasts around 12 minutes, more or less depending on how much sidetracked you get.

Known issue:

  • Clicking on the right side of the screen will roll back in time. We recommend using Space to advance, or click on the left/center area. This will be fixed in a later, postjam release.

From now on, any patch will be applied to a different “postjam” channel, so you can always check the version released for the jam. You can also check the “traditional deadline” v3.0 that was released on March 31 (exactly one month of work) to see how much extra work has been put during the two weeks of April.

Since the Changelog was getting very long on the main game page, I decided to move it to this post, just below. Postjam changelogs will be added to individual devlog posts.


v3.5.2 - 2020-04-13


  • Script: various text and animation improvements from first scene to bus scene, and on a few smartphone activities
  • UI: unlock TODO list (task tree) after some event in first scene
  • Ending: fixed Credits background (regression in v3.5)

v3.5 - 2020-04-13


  • Script: call event in first scene
  • Script: more environment-aware smartphone activities (player will interrupt activity, or miss something going on in the real world, if activity is too long)
  • UI: new option in Preferences to make default pause screen Preferences or Save
  • Visual: captcha images all replaced with free license alternatives
  • Visual: MC silhouette in first scene
  • Visual: night version for apartment BG
  • Audio: night version for apartment BGM
  • Audio: play dynamic Mission BGM with variant tracks in bus
  • Meta: link to game page submission page in README/Credits


  • Script: take more player actions into account for last scene
  • Script: immediate transition to second scene for more punch
  • Text: improved sentences in first scene and last scene
  • Text: named sister
  • Text: minor
  • UI: more consistent choice BG color
  • UI: only show Safe Mode in Preferences in Main Menu
  • UI: improved Captcha look and readability
  • UI: fixed crash when showing Captcha
  • UI: dissolve transition for modal windows
  • UI: switched JP font to M+ MN Type-1 (see Distribution)
  • Audio: fixed Credits BGM that was looping
  • Ending: better pause timing
  • Distribution: archive all scripts, images, sounds
  • Distribution: reduced build size by 15MB by stripping unused files, using smaller font files and JPG for main/game menu BG

v3.4 - 2020-04-06


  • Script: time evolves dynamically based on MC’s activities
  • UI: can toggle Preferences and Task Tree with keys/buttons (instead of just opening)
  • UI: Sister request has its own Task Tree
  • Visual: show MC sprites in outside scenes
  • Preferences: added Reset buttons for text option sliders
  • Accessibility: integrated native accessibility features + Ren’Py Accessibility Add-On settings into custom screen in game menu
  • Accessibility: all sounds can be displayed on screen as audio cues
  • Accessibility: can toggle quick menu key hints to avoid parasite self-voicing


  • Text: improved formatting and sentences
  • UI: default menu is Preferences instead of Save
  • Visual: show photo item when MC uses it as reference
  • Visual: fixed MC clothes in last scene
  • Audio: fixed Title Theme and Store BGM loop
  • Audio: normalize audio over the game to avoid too loud/quiet contrast

v3.3 - 2020-04-05


  • Script: animations in last scene
  • Script: extra SFX
  • Script: other customers react if too slow during Printer scene
  • Script: MC reflects better on her actions
  • Distribution: custom app icon


  • BGM: Trimmed Apartment Theme Night for proper looping
  • Script: improved sentences and grammar fixes
  • Script: improved animations and timing
  • Script: earlier tutorial
  • Script: simplified Printer scene
  • Script: more consistent smartphone behavior
  • Script: give more freedom to player to do extra activities or go straight
  • UI: better readability with contrasted colors and outline
  • UI: added hints for keyboard shortcuts to open Task Tree and Preferences
  • UI: keep highlight on selected menu to distinguish Save and Load screens better
  • Sprite: fixed offset in Coins sprite
  • Ending: added Code Snippet authors, Playtesters, Special Thanks to Credits

v3.2 - 2020-04-04


  • BGM: title theme, original apartment theme, apartment theme night
  • SFX: bus-related SFX, store doors, write on paper, original ringtone
  • Dialogue: Added character name
  • UI: visual and audio indicator for new tasks started
  • Ending: credits roll


  • Script: First scene and last scene add new task and more animations
  • Script: Misc text improvements and consistency fixes
  • UI: smooth and fast transitions between game and menu screens

v3.1 - 2020-04-02


  • BG: bus outside, bus inside, bakery
  • BGM: ambient street, bakery, mobile game
  • SFX: smartphone notification
  • UI: Task Tree view (open with T key at any time or click on notepad icon)
  • Visual: show coins when MC pays in bakery and for the bus
  • Dialogue: tutorial for Task Tree view


  • Improved sentences
  • Improved transitions
  • Fixed MC checking notifications during Printer scene
  • Fixed screw showing instead of hex key and coins
  • Fixed item name positions to make sure it fits in the box
  • Change item box to gray for more harmonious colors
  • Fixed time displayed on smartphone
  • Fixed mobile game considered “resumed” when playing for the first game

v3.0 - 2020-03-31

Initial release and opening submission to NaNoRenO 2020

Files 43 MB
Version 3.5.2 Apr 14, 2020 27 MB
Version 3.5.2 Apr 14, 2020

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