P.O.W.D.E.R. - Powder On Wild Days Explodes Randomly

Play as a delivery elf who must maneuver around obstacles to prevent his package from bursting and deliver it to one of many towns. You can consume the exploded powder to get a buff, but things might get even worse... How long will you resist before giving in to the powder's appeal?


Whenever one of your powder keg explodes, it is turned into a spark and a debuff is applied to you. Consume a spark for a chance to turn it into a buff... or an even worse debuff!

Will you make it to the end of the track?



  • W/S (Qwerty), Z/S (Azerty) or Up/Down arrow / D-pad/stick direction: move up and down
  • A/D (Qwerty), Q/D (Azerty) or Left/Right arrow / D-pad/stick direction: select previous/next powder keg
  • Left click on sparking powder keg: consume spark
  • Press Space/Enter/Xbox A button: consume spark on currently selected powder keg
  • Press Shift/B/Xbox B button: boost (increase base speed level up to 5 times)


  • WASD/arrow keys: navigate in menu
  • F11 / Alt+Enter + Ctrl+Cmd/Meta+F: toggle fullscreen
  • H: toggle FPS debug overlay (in top-left of the screen)
  • J: take a screenshot to user folder (Linux/OSX: ~/.local/share/godot/app_userdata/LD 53 or ~/.LD 53, Windows: Users\UserName\AppData\Roaming\LD 53)
  • N/M: switch to previous/next resolution among standard presets (you can always resize the window in windowed mode) - on Linux, you may need to move the window a little afterward to force refresh


  • Y: quick level restart

Dev status

The game was initially released with v0.4 for Ludum Dare 53 classic Jam deadline (72h) in the Unfinished category, then updated and re-released in the Extra category (3 weeks deadline). We kept the latest version of each development phase in the Download section below of the itch.io page, so you can download the one fitting for you.

  • The channels suffixed with "-jam-release" contain the classic Jam deadline release, frozen at v0.4.
  • The channels suffixed with "-jam-rating-phase" contain the updates added during the 20-day rating phase of the jam (which also corresponds to the Extra phase). It is frozen at v1.0.
  • The channels suffixed with "-post-jam" contain any further updates added after the rating phase of the jam. It is currently at v1.2.

Note that the embedded web version at the top of this page is always the latest version.


v1.2 (2024-02-19) - QoL patch
  • Level: Cut level by 2/3, only keeping the most elaborate first section. Adjust game timer and powder timeouts
  • Tutorial/UI: better keyboard/mouse/gamepad input instructions and icons with Xelu_Free_Controller&Key_Prompts by Nicolae Berbece and co, CC0
  • UI: can scroll with gamepad
  • UI fix: prevent Tutorial button focus loss when spamming navigation directions during load
  • Gameplay fix: prevent Boost during Tutorial phase
  • Camera: Look ahead less farther on boost (but never go backward)
  • Flow: Add safety for pause, restart and cheat by checking phase and transition to main screen
  • Addon: Update lawnjelly smoothing to v1.2.1, removing need for detaching Smoothing Node and reattaching to external parent
  • Engine: Upgrade to Godot 4.2.1
v1.1 (2023-06-01) - Post-jam release
  • App: game icons
  • Input: gamepad L/R can focus previous/next keg and player can cycle over powder panels
  • UI: Fix icons blocking clicking on keg button
  • UI: buttons shows pointer hand cursor when enabled and hovered
  • UI: change tutorial font to Risque for readability. Font size and text position adjustments
  • UI: powder keg: on hover, add semi-transparent outline; on focus, add full outline
  • UI: show game version on main menu
  • UI: add Restart button to Pause Menu
  • Gameplay: changed last powder effect, added sub-modifier on Consume
  • Audio: play SFX when clicking on most buttons
  • Audio: add Boost FX + SFX
v1.0 (2023-05-29) - Extra jam release
  • UI: full menu revamp
  • UI: new HUD showing powder state and future/current/new modifier
  • UI: HUD shows delivery time left, used to compute total score at the end
  • Gameplay: Boost feature
  • Gameplay: implement all powder modifiers
  • Gameplay: you know only lose when timer reaches 0
  • Visual: sprites v2
  • Visual: main menu artwork
v0.5 (2023-05-06) - Cleanup and fixes
  • Flow: Player loses when all powder kugs are sparking or destroyed, with Game Over screen
  • Input: support keyboard/gamepad-only play
  • UI: show and update level progress bar
  • UI: new animated powder keg sprites to reflect powder state
  • UI: fill Credits
  • UI: new fonts
  • Gameplay: each powder keg now explodes (burst to spark) based on total damage received
  • Gameplay: steer speed divided by 2 on first keg burst
  • Gameplay: disabled effect of consume powder for now
  • Audio: add victory and game over tracks
  • Audio: fix music to actually be affected by volume slider
  • Visual: add obstacle sprites (known issue: character sprite is always shown under them)
  • Visual: uniformly color sprites
  • Visual: fix player character smoothing (but potential FPS loss on desktop)
v0.4 (2023-05-01) - Classic jam release

The game is unfinished.

  • You can move in the level and hit obstacles, but powder buff effects are not triggered as designed.
  • You can still click on some powder buffs to consume them into better or worse effects, but the gameplay effects are not visible.
  • Some sprites and artworks are missing or replaced with placeholders.
  • You cannot lose, your health bar just stays at 0% and you will finish the level anyway.


Free assets


  • Risque (Open Font License)
  • ABeeZee (Open Font License)
  • CAT Frankendeutsch (Open Font License)
  • Fira Code (Open Font License)


PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
Authorskomehara, r0nk, noemiev, IcySoap, RatFace_96, Kabronn, Benji_RBK
Made withGodot
TagsGodot, Ludum Dare, Ludum Dare 53
Code licenseMIT License
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
AccessibilityColor-blind friendly
LinksLudum Dare, Source code


powder-windows-post-jam.zip 43 MB
Version 1.2 99 days ago
powder-osx-post-jam.zip 64 MB
Version 1.2 99 days ago
powder-linux-post-jam.zip 39 MB
Version 1.2 99 days ago
powder-windows-jam-rating-phase.zip 42 MB
Version 1.0 May 20, 2023
powder-osx-jam-rating-phase.zip 68 MB
Version 1.0 May 20, 2023
powder-linux-jam-rating-phase.zip 42 MB
Version 1.0 May 20, 2023
powder-web-jam-rating-phase.zip 24 MB
Version 1.0 May 20, 2023
ld-53-windows-jam-release.zip 35 MB
Version 0.4 May 01, 2023
ld-53-osx-jam-release.zip 61 MB
Version 0.4 May 01, 2023
ld-53-linux-jam-release.zip 35 MB
Version 0.4 May 01, 2023
ld-53-web-jam-release.zip 17 MB
Version 0.4 May 01, 2023

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very fun but simple game, nice!