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but i clipped into ground

Was it in a slope like the first curve, or inside a loop?

If so, that is a known issue although hard to reproduce, I will add it to the list of known issues and try to fix it in a future patch.

If it was in another place though, please tell me where so I make sure to fix this location too.



i cant find the first emerald

but this is good

nice dude i beat it

I can never find that white emerald.... I got all the rest.

It’s well hidden, but follows some logic… I’m considering adding better visual cues in a future update, though.

jogo top adoro jogos do sonic marco   infacia de todos     sempre marcara      

completed the demo!

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This is a great game! kinda short, but collecting the emeralds proves timeworthy

Also I like the background gif on the page, and I was wondering if you could post it



You can get the background image in Firefox with right-click > View Background Image, but with Chrome you’d have to check the page source code. So I uploaded it along the game executables as “picosonic page background 4x.gif” to make it easier. Enjoy!

I think I found it 

We just discussed your game on our podcast! Come check us out!

Episode 34: Works in Progress

I like this and the thing I really like is that it is Dualshock 4 compatible!

Thank you! I didn’t do anything special to support DS4 (I tested Xbox-like controllers though) so I guess the PICO-8 web template was just good enough. Reminds me of InfernoPlus saying he can’t play most games on Steam with DS4, but he managed to make Mario Royale work with it. Maybe web tech has just something that makes it easier (that said, I managed to use all of my controllers including DS4 on PC when using Steam Big Picture)

Well um, whenever you download a game, (Ignore this if you don't have a PS4 controller) if it says X-Box compatible, it's always Playstatiion compatible.

Super cool work! The movement feels so good, and I like the Chaos Emeralds being scattered around (reminds me of Sonic 1 on Master System). Great job!

Pretty cool demo! I'm impressed!


this.. isnt too playable, but the movement doesnt feel that bad. also you can "fix" the lag by making the base game 30 FPS 'w ' (that is, if thats possible to do)

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Were you playing on the web version, or did you have issues on standalone too? Web version definitely has audio lag, but I didn’t feel control lag (time between input and character motion), so what made it hard for you to play?

Otherwise, targetting 30 FPS would make it more stable indeed, but I’ll try to fix my inefficient physics and heavy background rendering first, I really want to have steady 60 FPS like the original games.

web. good luck optimizing!

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This game better be good

I really appreciate the smaller details, like the loading cartridge screen and the game saving icon. Great job man

just wanted to point out that those two details are just default pico-8 things (not to say that this game isn’t incredible, but those two things weren’t really added as details)


which buton is the start buton reply plz im on keybord


Nevermind its c


This is incredible! having a more exploration-focused game like Sonic CD works incredibly well for the Pico-8!

This is so cute!

This is so awesome!!! The control is so fluid and the plataforming is better than a lot of Official Sega Games, and I really loved it. Congratulations, it was a great experience :D


I remember playing a lot of Sonic 3 on Sega Genesis. It was a sensational game. And now I see more proof of competence on the part of the fans, with this project. It is already impressive in itself due to the context surrounding Pico-8. Congratulations on this incredible work.


Thank you! I didn’t have time to edit a video, so thanks for yours too!

I’ll try to bring some updates in the incoming weeks.

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[Reply]I played sonic 2 on the Xbox360 (dose anyone played(or even remenberd that port))

really nice, feels just like old sonic


Thank you!

how do u play

never mind i got it

One mistake: You say its Pico island, but the game says Angle Island. DUDE THIS IS AWESOMMMMEEEEEEEE! Is this based on a specific Sonic game? Because I had one a long time ago that had the same trampoline in tree setup in the beginning to the top left above the start with a secret.

I feel the level it's based on Sonic 3 (yup, Angel Island Zone) , and the controls based from Sonic 1

Yeah! Thats the one I had! Thanks!

Exactly! Although I didn’t add spin dash due to lack of time and hope to add it at some point.

Thanks! And good catch, I’ll fix the “Angel Island” in the stage result.

If you decide to put a ton more effort into this, you could add a coin globe and tails too! Although I dont think there is a reason you would, since its just a bunch of effort and minimal outcome


That was neat! I can't get that damn yellow emerald though, it seems too high!

you need to use momentum there is a ramp to the left of it

were is the andoid


<Here it is>

And btw, it's where