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Era's Time Delivery Service is a turn-based battle game made for Magical Girl Game Jam 6 on the theme "Service".

Era is a time magical girl who works in a delivery service, boasting she can bring any package to its destination in due time. Today, she must deliver comic pages to a publisher before the deadline, but it is pretty far. Will she be able to make it in time?

Beat the clock!

In this game, you go through a series of classic-JRPG-style turn-based battles with a party of up to 3 members. Era plays the role of pivot as she can use time skills to advance, delay or swap fighters' turns. She can even rewind a character's state to several turns in the past!

Development status

The game has been roughly balanced for the first 2 quests, for a total of 6 battles. You can play 2 characters, Era with time-related skills and Rosemary with magic gun-related skills. The 3rd quest is just made of one battle to demonstrate enemy art (the molemen), but is just plain easy.

There are no dialogues / narration between battles either, so I will let you imagine the story!

How to play

Download and run the executable for your platform.

  • For the updates done after the submission deadline, during the voting phase, download the zip suffixed with "jam-voting-phase" (recommended)
  • For the original jam version submitted right before the deadline, download the zip suffixed with "jam-release" (pretty rough, but kept for historical reasons)

Main menu

You can navigate with the mouse, keyboard or gamepad.


Battle is done with a traditional command box interface, that you can navigate with the keyboard, gamepad or mouse. To select targets for an action, you can also use the mouse (click once to select target, click a second time on selected target to confirm it).

Once you defeat an enemy squad, the next one will arrive and you start the next fight fully restored.

Directional arrows or WASD/ZQSD D-pad or left stick Hover in menus, click once on target Navigate in menus, select target
Space / Enter South button Click in menus, click on selected target Confirm
Escape East button Cancel selection / Back
Alt + Enter / F11 / Ctrl + Meta + F Toggle fullscreen

Known issues

Era cannot target dead allies with the "Rewind gauges (other)" skill, which means she cannot revive an ally by rewinding their HP as it was originally meant to. Make sure to "heal" them by rewinding their HP before they die!


v0.2.1 (latest voting phase patch)

The first version with actual battles: there are several hero skills to use and proper enemy squads to fight. The first 2 quests = 6 battles (where you play 1 and 2 characters resp.) are roughly balanced, while the last battle is not (all the Molemen have 5 HP).


Fixes many usability issues from v0.1.1, and actually show the 3 main characters. Still a sandbox where you can test various skills esp. with Era. Flee to proceed to next fight, but the enemies are still all the same.

v0.1.1 (jam release)

A sandbox where you can test various skills with the test character (magenta stickman). Flee to proceed to next fight, but the enemies are all the same. Has many issues like fighter status being hard to read.


  • Engine: Unity 2022 + custom RPG Framework by komehara
  • Audio: Cubase, Serum
  • Art: Adobe Photoshop, Krita, Affinity Designer, Inkscape
  • Code: Jetbrains Rider

Free assets used


Fonts downloaded on Google Fonts:




eras-time-delivery-service-linux-jam-voting-phase.zip 50 MB
Version 0.2.1 Oct 02, 2022
eras-time-delivery-service-osx-jam-voting-phase.zip 59 MB
Version 0.2.1 Oct 02, 2022
eras-time-delivery-service-windows-jam-voting-phase.zip 50 MB
Version 0.2.1 Oct 02, 2022
time-bender-linux-jam-release.zip 50 MB
Version 0.1.1 Sep 12, 2022
time-bender-osx-jam-release.zip 48 MB
Version 0.1.1 Sep 12, 2022
time-bender-windows-jam-release.zip 38 MB
Version 0.1.1 Sep 12, 2022

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