A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Reclaim human lands from mutant plants!

Eminent Domain is a 2D scrolling shoot 'em up where you pilot a mech on a mission to deliver former human lands from mutating plants that hijacked other mechs.

This game was made for MechJam III, a mech-themed game jam.

How to play

Download and run the executable for your platform.

  • For the original jam version, download the zip suffixed with "jam-version" (Windows and Linux only). Kept for historical reasons and for people still rating the game as part of MechJam III.
  • For the post-jam releases which contain the latest patches and improvements, download the zip suffixed with "postjam" (Windows, OSX and Linux). Recommended for a more enjoyable experience.


The player controls a humanoid mech that can shoot bullets and use its sword for melee attacks.

Enemies come in waves moving along curves and using simple bullet patterns. Dodge the bullets and destroy enemies with shooting or melee attacks. Melee attack is stronger, but slower and you cannot shoot while doing it.

Be careful, as some enemies may damage your mech with their bodies by just flying into it.


You can play with keyboard or gamepad with those inputs:

Keyboard & Mouse
Gamepad Action
Directional arrows or WASD/ZQSD
D-pad or left stick
Space / Mouse left button (held)
Right trigger (held)
Left/Right Shift / C
Face button right/down (A/B on Xbox and Nintendo controllers, O/X on PlayStation)
Sword attack
Escape Start Toggle pause menu

Development status

The game is still incomplete. Menu visuals, audio and functionality, level environment, enemy visuals and level content have not been integrated or completed yet. The level in particular is currently very short and has no boss. Please enjoy this as a simple demo!


  • Engine: Unity 2021 + custom Shmup Framework by komehara
  • Cubase (DAW) + Serum, Stylus RMX, Korg Triton/Extreme VST, Omnisphere
  • Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator, Krita
  • Jetbrains Rider



eminent-domain-windows-postjam.zip 42 MB
Version 0.1.4 Jul 26, 2022
eminent-domain-osx-postjam.zip 51 MB
Version 0.1.4 Jul 26, 2022
eminent-domain-linux-postjam.zip 45 MB
Version 0.1.4 Jul 26, 2022
eminent-domain-windows-jam-version.zip 39 MB
Version 0.1.3 Jul 22, 2022
eminent-domain-linux-dev-jam-version.zip 45 MB
Version 0.1.3 Jul 22, 2022

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