This is my entry for the Ludum Dare 44, on the theme "Your life is currency", with the 3-day jam formula.

Caution: this is less than an alpha, since the game loop itself is not complete.

You are running a shop selling creative items with your spouse, but your business is not running as good as you expected, and you may soon have to close the doors.

A mysterious salesman arrives and proposes you to sell your relationship, memories and activities with your surroundings in exchange for tremendous funds for your company.


Currently, there is only a bare framework for the different game phases in a 1-day loop:

1. Receive ordered items

2. Place items to sell in the shop

3. (Not implemented) Let customers come and buy

4. (Not implemented) Sell your family bounds for extra money

5. (Not implemented) Order new items for the next day

The story is not explained at all, and in particular a crucial mechanic, selling your relationships with your relatives, is not implemented, making the game not related to the jam theme at all.


You need a mouse to play. There is an in-game tutorial for how to play.


komehara - Game design, Programming, Proto art


Download 21 MB
Version 1 Apr 30, 2019
Download 20 MB
Version 1 Apr 30, 2019


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Best Game ever! ;-)