v0.2.6 released for both Linux and Windows

In order to release the game on Windows (besides the original game jam entry on Linux a.k.a. v0.2.5), I had to fix a few bugs, so I decided to make a new patch version for Linux at the same time.

So now we've got v0.2.6:

- fix character G not respawning at correct position after he comes back from the bathroom and you come back to floor N

- fix various narrative and UI flow events broken (but you probably won't see the difference compared to v0.2.5 because most bugs only appeared after switching to Windows)

You can expect more UI fixes in the future, before I start actually adding more content!


Digital Facade for Linux 64-bit 37 MB
Version 0.2.6 Apr 03, 2019
Digital Facade for Windows 64-bit 36 MB
Version 0.2.6 Apr 03, 2019

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