A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

An entry for NaNoRenO 2023. A Day in AAA is a visual novel about a game programmer working in AAA company.

Code repository: https://github.com/hsandt/a-day-in-aaa


  • Project setup
  • A few scenes (v1)
  • Custom backgrounds
  • Custom ambient sounds and SFX
  • Custom GUI (WIP)

This v1 contains the most important scenes to make the day meaningful, but I have prepared many additional scenes for future versions. If the game catches enough interest, I'll keep working to add more scenes (and also polish the UI). Otherwise, I'll probably add some stuff anyway, but at my own pace.



  • Writing, Scripting, Background art: komehara
  • Ambient sound, SFX: recording and mixing by komehara, with thanks to office employees
  • Cross-fade function in 02_custom_audio.rpy by Mole


a-day-in-aaa-win-linux.zip 41 MB
Version 1.3 58 days ago
a-day-in-aaa-osx.zip 26 MB
Version 1.3 58 days ago

Install instructions

For Windows and Linux, download the PC version, extract the archive and run a_day_in_aaa.exe (Windows) or a_day_in_aaa.sh (Linux).

For OSX, download the mac version, extract the archive and run a_day_in_aaa.app.


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Informative. 👍


Thanks! I want to add more scenes, some more focused on humor, and I’m more motivated when I see some people playing the first version!

You made Tiny Adventure, right? I’ll have a look at it!

It's good that you are motivated:) The only thing I would correct is the grammar (if you care at all, of course). I can't recommend using Google translate. It makes too many mistakes. You might want to try a plugin called "Grammarly". It has a free version.

And yes, I participated in the jam too. I'm playing the games others submitted, but there are so many...

OK, I wouldn’t use a translator anyway, I prefer getting proofread by people. I didn’t try Grammarly and I admit that my main concern is idiomatic sentences and false friends with French, where I do a lot of mistakes in my drafts; but it seems that Grammarly also covers that, so it could help.

If you have specific bad sentences in mind, you can post them here. If you don’t remember, don’t worry, I still have that writing group on Nanoreno Discord that I forgot to contact after releasing the game.

Sorry, I don't have any specific mistakes memorized. Good luck, then:)